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Fine Line

Fine Line Tattoos are a popular option for those seeking a more understated and sophisticated tattoo. (Minimum booking of 1 hour or 3 hour fine line deal)

Half Day

These sittings will be limited to 3-4 hours long, suitable for micro realism, half sleeves, patchwork, or large floral designs.

Full Day

These sittings will be limited to 6-7 hours long, suitable for realism half sleeves, full body floral and 3/4 sleeve patchwork designs.
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Shadow Day

Refresh, relearn or discover your potential with our unique teaching methods, through a full day shadowing Jade, owner and tattoo artist of jaded tattoo studios.
Refresh your tattoo skills.
Relearn and reconnect with your passion for tattooing.
Discover new techniques, products, marketing strategies.
Connect with new people, business relations.
Access to our tattoo support group throughout your career.
Discount with future jaded Tattoo training courses.
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Training Course

Coming Soon